Bring Back the Smart Toys! We Need Lego Quatro!

LEGO have made various experiments with their line-up, not all of which have been successful in the end. Quatro is perhaps the most painful one for some of the company’s fans, because it was a series with a very strong potential, but was unfortunately pulled from the market too early – at least according to many people who were interested in the line. It has been long since Lego Quatro has been off the shelves in our go-to toy stores. But in order to raise smart kids, we need to make smart choices. Lego Quatro may just be the toy our kids need.

Why It Worked

Smart toys are something that has proven to be an effective method for improving the mental capacity of children, and they have taken a solid position on the market as a result. But while it seems like there’s more and more focus on integrating electronics into the toys that kids play with today, products like Quatro LEGO have proven that smart playing doesn’t necessarily need that, and can sometimes be accomplished with a clever design of an original idea. There have been many approaches to learning toys since then, but the popularity of Quatro is a testament to the viable design that LEGO produced.

Where to Get It?

The main problem with Quatro right now remains access to the sets themselves. Since the product has been off market for quite a while now, finding old sets is still possible but can be difficult. You’ll have to dig around a bit if you want to get your hands on some specific sets, especially if you insist on getting them new. You might enjoy better luck on the second-hand market, but you’re going to have to deal with the way it works, specifically that you may not always get your sets in a perfect condition. Some parts might be missing, or there might be damage – but that’s just part of the way things are when trying to buy things that are not being offered anymore.

Viable Alternatives

If you want something which is still active on the market, you should try LEGO Technic as a viable alternative – though keep in mind that it’s definitely not for everyone, and it’s primarily aimed at older children and adults. Brands like GUDI have also established a place for themselves on this market, but they are not quite the same thing as original LEGOs. In the end, Quatro is the best thing you’re going to get – but you will have to work hard to acquire it.

Smart play is important in raising your kids right. Unfortunately, there are so many ways to approach it these days that it can be hard to find the right approach, especially if you need to buy something that’s more limited like LEGO Quatro. But if you put enough effort into it, this can be one of the best additions to the toy arsenal of your children, and one of the best methods to promote learning through play!

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