Learn Through Play: Lego Quatro as an Effective Tool For ECD

With our generation’s reliance on technology, one of the biggest questions all parents face now is, “when are we going to get our child a phone?”. But what if our conception about technology affects our children inimically? As parents, we need a foothold that can inspire creativity, thinking, and fun through personal interaction. Since personal interaction fosters relationships, it also guides our children to communicate better instead of throwing temper tantrums. Play time might just be the thing they need to be successful in the long run. LEGO Quatro may help us achieve this success.

Something for Everyone

LEGO has long been known to be an effective tool in early childhood development, and the company makes some of the best learning toys around. They have many different themes suitable for people of varying ages. CITY is aimed at people of all ages, including young kids, and is meant to teach them about aesthetics and visual design, while coming with plenty of minifigs. Technic is meant for older children and adults who want to play with imitations of complex machinery. And then there’s Quatro, a set that was unfortunately been taken off the market far too early according to most people who enjoyed playing with it. Aimed at young kids specifically, Quatro is the best choice for parents who want to inspire learning and development in their kids’ playing.

The Benefits of Quatro

Quatro was designed to be easy and accessible, while also providing a solid learning platform for the kids playing with it. The sets in this line were different from traditional LEGO pieces and were not directly compatible with other parts. But Quatro LEGO still remains one of the best toys for early learning and overall child development, mainly due to the intuitive design of the building blocks, and the creative ways in which they can be combined. This is a traditional feature for LEGO as a whole, as the company’s lineup has been known for its great flexibility and inter-compatibility.

The Current Situation

The main problem for those interested in playing with LEGO Quatro is that it can be difficult to obtain, due to the fact that it was taken off the market years ago. Some stores still carry inventory of Quatro sets though, and you might also have some luck with online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. But all in all, you’ll be limited to the sets currently available on the market, and you will have to be careful about what you’re buying if you want to maximize your chances of obtaining the sets that interest you.

But if you can overcome the barrier of finding the sets you want in the first place, you’ll quickly find Quatro to be one of the best additions to your collection of toys for your kids. And without doubt, the young ones are going to love it as well. There’s a reason why Quatro enjoys so much popularity with pretty much all crowds, after all – not just the young kids that it was originally aimed at.

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