Looking for LEGO Quatro!

LEGO Quatro has a weird place in the franchise’s history. It only stayed on the market for a few years, but still managed to make a pretty big splash during that time. The company eventually decided to pull the line in favor of others, but the cultural impact of LEGO Quatro has remained. The only issue for those interested in getting into it, is that it can be quite the challenge to find preserved sets. It’s hard, but not impossible though. Looking for the perfect toy for your little one? Here are sites with available stocks of LEGO Quatro. No worries, if you can’t find any of these near you, we got you covered. There are plenty toys similar or compatible with Quatro LEGO!


Amazon is currently the best source for LEGO Quatro sets, all things considered. At least if you insist on buying new – which you likely do – in which case you’re going to find a pretty good variety of preserved, unopened old sets. You are limited to what hasn’t been sold out yet though, which can be a bit of a problem in some cases. Available stocks can vary greatly for specific sets, so you might have to spend some time searching around before you can find what you need.


Marketplaces like eBay are your best bet if variety is your primary concern. You’re not going to find a better selection anywhere else, although you’re going to have to deal with some inconsistencies in the quality of the sets. Some parts might be missing here and there, and there are also discoloration issues to worry about if the sets have been stored improperly. But if you can’t find what you need at specialized stores with LEGO Quatro, then this is your next best bet.

Alternatives to Quatro

If you still don’t know where to buy LEGO Quatro, or perhaps want to check out some alternative options, then you should take a look at some other brands like GUDI. The brand is relatively popular – not quite as popular as LEGO – but it manages to hold its own place on the market. It features various attractive sets, like the ‘Enlighten’ helicopter, police car, and various other specially themed builds. GUDI sets can be a bit cheaper than LEGO as well, despite being of roughly the same quality, all things considered. If you’re open to considering alternative options to the traditional LEGO sets, this is definitely something you should pay attention to.

The market for toys is still very diverse, but unfortunately some of the best things that it had to offer are well in the past now. Thankfully, there are still various copies of LEGO Quatro sets that have been preserved here and there, and if you want to give your kids a good start in their playing, this is one of the best areas to look into. Once you’ve exhausted what this corner of the LEGO market has to offer, you can look into some alternative products which can fill the gaps quite nicely.

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